Share Happiness with FLOMO’s Smiley Face Party Line!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Emoji advertisement.jpg

FLOMO’s newest party supply line for kids and tweens is inspired by our favorite texting friends – the emoji! These universally-loved icons let everyone know exactly how you’re feeling with simple, easy to understand images! From heart eyes, cool sunglasses, to even winking and sticking your tongue out, these smiley faces have been instrumental in the way we communicate since the early 2010s.

Our ‘Smiley Face’ party line features kraft gift-bags, paper dinnerware, selfie ‘photo booth’ props, party favors, cake decorations, and more – on a clean blue or yellow background that makes the art the star of the show! Perfect for conversational kids and texting tweens, this party theme will have everyone smiling with the birthday boy or girl!

Click here to find out about our entire line – or pick up Catalog 389A!