RETAILER TIPS: Increasing Customer Advocacy through Digital Marketing

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Looking for the best marketing tactic? Word of mouth. Your customers can become your best marketing team if you give them the right platforms to voice themselves.

It is the baby boomers era of social media platforms. With all the outlets online, you could reach any demographic and turn them into your potential customers. Social media platforms also allow easy two-way communication, as direct messaging happens almost instantly, providing a great feature for 24/7 customer service.

Advertising on digital platforms also tends to be a lot more affordable compared to traditional means. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google AdWords promote content to users. The algorithm often allows targeting of content to a specific group of users—either to a certain demographic, or when a keyword is searched. Not only does advertising on these platforms average down to almost less than $1 per engagement (clicks, reactions etc.), they also provide you with the analytics behind your digital campaign (click-through-rate, number of impressions etc.), allowing more insights into your customer group.

So how do these functions connect back to your customer base? First, the posts reach a potential market that you do not already have a means to contact. As these users come across your content (promoted or not, as they might be reached through their social media connections), they now have access to information that they originally were not aware of. This increases exposure to your business.

Second, users can also interact with your content. They could either leave a message, or even share your content in their own space. Satisfied consumers can market your brand by spreading their appreciation to a wider audience.

Moreover, with more customers doing online shopping, social media platforms can no doubt function as your online catalogue. This is great for sharing pictures and videos, not only for products but also for promotional events! FLOMO is very active on social media, and updates FLOMO customers regularly with the latest product lines and exclusive events. FLOMO believes that evolving with technology helps maintain high accessibility to all customers.