RETAILER TIPS: On-Demand Delivery Services

Monday, August 29, 2016

Ever seen carts full of groceries all packed up and ready to go in a ShopRite or Whole Foods, but the customer is nowhere in sight? Storefronts nowadays are offering what is called “on-demand delivery” services, where customers can make purchases remotely and have them sent right to their door.

Not just the supermarkets, but restaurants without their own delivery services are also partnering with websites like to have food delivered to their customers. This is how it works: a business receives an online paid-for order from a customer, prepares the order and has it delivered directly to the customer.

For the customers, they do not have to leave home to make purchases that usually cannot be delivered, minimizing both the transportation and time costs. For instance, two college girls in a NYC dorm room can order from Krispy Kreme (who does not deliver) that is 30 minutes away and closing in 20 minutes through, an on-demand delivery company. then sends one of their shoppers who is near to Krispy Kreme to pick up the doughnuts for the girls and deliver right to their door. Just paying a little more for delivery, the girls’ cravings can be fulfilled.

This benefits businesses as well. A local retailer partnering with such delivery services like UberRUSH can have their items directly sent to a customer. With ample Uber drivers guaranteeing almost immediate pick up for delivery, this increases efficiency compared to having one delivery person going back and forth.

Retailers not wanting to afford an extra delivery person could consider having these on-demand delivery resources at hand to expand their customer reach. As the successes in these on-demand delivery businesses prove, customers are willing to pay more to receive items almost instantly.

For our upcoming VIP Show, FLOMO provides free shipping for local customers that reach the $1500 minimum per order. In fact, most of our customers reach this minimum so they do not have to physically pick up their purchases. FLOMO stands by the belief that efficient shipping is a service we provide to our customers.