How to Increase Gift Bag Sales by 110%

Thursday, October 17, 2019

You don’t become the leading supplier of gift bags in the United States without learning a couple of valuable lessons along the way...lessons FLOMO is happy to share to help you consistently increase sales of gift bags.

Consumers Demand Variety and Convenience: It is essential to make the buying experience easy for consumers. One way to accomplish this is to conveniently place all gift bags and related items in one section. FLOMO makes this easy by filling your customized planogram with an array of appropriate items all supplied by FLOMO, including gift bags, tissue paper, gift bows and curly swirls, gift cards, gift wrap, and everything else your customers need to celebrate.

Quality Matters: Product quality is not only a differentiator, it’s a game changer. FLOMO’s cost for quality is unmatched. For example, our standard gift bags are 157 GSM. We also offer a full range of 190 GSM and even 210 GSM.  Plus, FLOMO provides exceptional design, print quality, and gift bags that are bigger than the industry average with wider gussets. With countless gift bag options to choose from, including an array of exclusive designs by licensed international artists and a variety of shapes, sizes, embellishments, and messaging for any event you can possibly celebrate, we have the gift bags your customers desire.

Professionally Designed Planograms Make a Difference: Based on experience gained over several decades of creating planograms for some of the largest retailers in the United States, we know what works and what doesn’t. We start by understanding your store’s demographics, location, and consumer styles. This knowledge allows us to select the proper mix of products that will generate maximum turns. We then incorporate these products in a planogram that is 4’, 8’, 12’, or 20’ — all with the goal of stocking your retail location with the greatest number of best-selling products per square foot. FLOMO’s ability to create effective planograms that feature the highest quality gift bags, along with variety and convenience, consistently allows our clients to experience, on average, a 110% increase in sales!

For more information on setting up a pilot program, including FLOMO providing a complimentary customized planogram, contact the VP of Sales, Tammy Lee, at 201-288-6455.