FLOMO Holds 2-Day “Future CEO” Program for Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 9, 2011 was the first day of FLOMO/Nygala Corp.’s 2-Day Girl Scout program, “Future CEO”, which teaches the fundamentals of the roles of a CEO, departments in business, and also includes a teambuilding and hands-on craft project. FLOMO/Nygala Corp. is a global manufacturing, import, and wholesale distribution company specializing in value price gift bags, stationery, party supplies, photo frames, mugs, decorations, and much more.

Led by an introduction of FLOMO/Nygala Corp.’s CEO, Wendy Shen, the girls were given a brief history of the company, CEO role functions, advice to building a successful business, and proper handshake instruction. Wendy Shen explains she is a, “Lifetime Girl Scout,” who is currently on the Board of the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey and was honored in GSNNJ Women of Achievement 2010.


After Shen’s interactive speech, the 30 or so teenage girl scouts and their troop leaders were given a tour of FLOMO/Nygala Corp.’s 200,000 sq. ft. warehouse and 20,000 sq. ft. showroom. 

Not only did the program focus on showing the girls what it takes to be a CEO and running a business, the company also utilized some of their thousands of products for a segment of the program called, Young Entrepreneurs Project. The project gathered the girls into their troops and gave them gift bags, art supplies, tissue paper, bows, ribbons, craft sticks, and so much more they could use to re-create or newly design a set of their own gift bags.

Day 2 of the program, March 16, 2011, will continue with an introduction of the company’s various departments and their roles, CEO commentary, and final presentation of the girls’ projects. Each team of girls will have about 5 minutes to present their designs, and the best judged team will all receive grand prizes. However, every attendee is a winner at FLOMO/Nygala Corp.’s “Future CEO” program. Attendees brought home notebooks, pens, recyclable bags, a premium gift bag, yellow notepad, and yellow FLOMO hat from Day 1. On Day 2, all attendees can expect a special bag full of FLOMO brand goodies.

FLOMO is a proud sponsor of the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey and is giving the Future CEO program to the girls at no charge. Recently, the CEO at FLOMO/Nygala Corp. sponsored 100 girls’ dues for one year in targeted low-income areas in NJ so they have the opportunity to be a Girl Scout and experience all of the great things that being a member ensues.

FLOMO, owned and operated by Nygala Corp., is a major national brand of quality gift bags, party supplies, photo frames, ceramic gifts, plush items, bows, ribbons, artificial flowers, school supplies, stationery, holiday/seasonal merchandise, dollar store items, and more. FLOMO can be found in discount stores, dollar stores, 99 Cent stores, chain stores, party stores, drugstores, supermarkets and also catalog companies across the United States, the Caribbean islands and Central & South America.

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