Easy Do-it-Yourself Pirate Costume

Monday, July 16, 2012

Get creative this Halloween with a DIY pirate costume project. With just a few accessories, anyone can be saying “Arrrgh!” in no time. Also, sometimes it is more economical to get a few pieces to make your own costume than to buy an entire set that may throw all the money in your wallet off a plank. Check out these ideas below and leave us a comment below if you have any other suggestions to add!
What does every pirate captain need? A pirate hat! (HW382) Ours are made of a lightweight, durable foam and have a stylish white trim with a skull-and-crossbones emblem right on the front. 
Use FLOMO face paint (HW336) to add some shadows and scars of past battles around the eyes and don’t forget some rugged facial hair! Beards, mustaches, and goatees are possible with our safe, none-toxic, easy to clean face paint. Just use soap and water when the night is over.
While aboard the ship, use our Halloween kaleidoscope (HW309) as a boat telescope so you can spot enemies on nearby land and sea. If you do catch a prisoner or two, keep them chained up under the boat with our iron leg chains (HW360). There may be a few monsters at sea you might need to defend yourself against, so be prepared with one of our battle weapons (HW243).
SAFETY FIRST MATEY! No matter if you will be a pirate or not, we always suggest adding reflective safety stickers (MG2905) or mirrored stickers(HW375) to any costume. The simple add-on will increase the chance of children being seen by drivers when crossing the street and in other types of dark, high-traffic areas. 
Those are just a few items we carry but we have much more to keep your creative juices flowing! Check out more FLOMO Halloween items by clicking here.  For more information about the FLOMO Brand or to find a retailer near you, call 1-800-445-5936 or email officenj@flomousa.com 
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