7 Essential Questions Every Gift Bag Buyer and Merchandise Manager Should Ask Before Placing an Order

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Selecting a supplier of gift bags is a serious decision. Many buyers and merchandise managers who believe they’ve thoroughly vetted a supplier before making a selection later regret their choice. To help you avoid buyer’s remorse, provided below are 7 questions to ask before selecting a supplier.

1) Does the supplier own the factory? If you are buying from an importer, as opposed to a factory-based supplier, you are going to be paying more than you should. Why? Factory-based suppliers cut out the middleman and are able to pass the savings directly on to you. As the owner of seven factories, FLOMO is positioned to save you money on nearly every style, material, and size of gift bag you may be considering.

2) Is your gift bag supplier a trendsetter? Consumers are quick to notice new gift-bag styles, sizes, and materials. If you are interested in keeping a step ahead of the competition, ask your gift bag supplier what innovative products they are offering. At FLOMO, with more than 1,000 different bag designs, including exclusive licensed designs from more than 50 artists, we offer bags in a wide variety of colors, materials, and sizes that cover every possible holiday, occasion, age, and nationality. In fact, FLOMO continues to set the standard for gift bag innovations.

3) Will your gift bag supplier create exclusive designs for you? One of the benefits of FLOMO being a factory-based supplier is the ability to create custom gift bags to meet your exact specifications, including size, materials, and design.

4) Does your supplier offer domestic delivery for smaller shipments? Whether you need a replenishing order or you simply need smaller initial shipments, it is imperative to work with a supplier who can quickly and easily make domestic shipments. In FLOMO’s case, with inventory filling our 200,000 sq. ft. warehouse, you never have to wait to restock your shelves.

5) It’s all about inventory turns! Research indicates that the typical turn for gift bags is two times per year. However, because FLOMO’s products are of higher quality and more stylish, you can expect four to six turns per year – and that means more revenue and profits to your bottom line.

6) Does your supplier offer a private-label option? As a factory owner, FLOMO offers you the ability to private label our gift bags. You simply need to provide labels for the packaging (for the back card, header card, and PDQ). You also have the option to modify our existing designs or provide your own designs.

7) Here is your custom planogram!  If your supplier is not providing you with custom planograms, they are clearly more interested in their sales than yours! As your supplier partner, and at no cost, FLOMO will create a digital layout of your product display. We specialize in creating gift bag and accessory planograms that are 4’, 8’, 12’, and 20’. In addition, we have extensive experience designing special fixtures/hooks for our clients if a planogram of more than 20’ is needed. It is worth noting that clients who take advantage of FLOMO’s planogram service typically see sales increase by more than 100%.

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of gift bags, complete with the infrastructure needed to support your needs, FLOMO wants to be your gift bag supplier of choice. To learn more about our expansive product line, to receive samples, or to receive a catalog, contact a FLOMO sales representative at 1-800-229-2883 or visit us online at flomousa.com.