6 Habits of Successful Seasonal Buyers

Thursday, October 31, 2019

With holiday buying season ramping up, now is the time to make sure you are avoiding the pitfalls that could lead to a holiday selling season that falls short of your (and your boss’s) high expectations. To assist you in making sure this holiday season will be one to remember, we have compiled six habits of successful seasonal buyers. How many of these habits do you incorporate into your buying process?

Habit #1 – Making sure merchandise is displayed correctly: Once your purchase order has been submitted, your work is not done. Successful buyers know that one of the keys to a high sell through is how the products you purchased are displayed. Make sure your team takes advantage of proven planograms that your suppliers will create for them. FLOMO, for example, will create a complimentary digital layout of your product display. In fact, clients who take advantage of FLOMO’s planogram service typically see their sales double! We specialize in comprehensive seasonal planograms that are 4’, 8’, 12’, and 20’.

Habit #2 – Working with a supplier who can get you the inventory you need when you need it: With a limited selling season, you can’t afford to be out of stock of holiday goods. Whether you need a replenishing order or simply need smaller initial shipments, it is imperative to work with a supplier who can quickly and easily fill your shelves. In FLOMO’s case, with seasonal inventory filling our 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse, keeping your shelves filled is truly just a phone call away.

Habit #3 – Carrying the merchandise consumers are looking for: Successful buyers make it easy for consumers to complete their holiday shopping in one stop. This means offering product in a variety of themes (contemporary, whimsical, traditional, and winter holiday/non-denominational). In addition, carry all related accessories that tie into the themes by color or style, including gift bags, decorations, bows and ribbons, baking/cooking items, etc. By providing a comprehensive selection of holiday themes and products, FLOMO makes it easy for you to make it easy for your customers.

Habit #4 – Recognizing that consumers will pay more for quality products: Consumers know quality when they see it, and they are not afraid to pay a little extra to get it. Plus, when you offer quality goods, you elevate your company’s brand. Rest assured that FLOMO’s quality is backed by the highest standard for product testing to assure your customers’ safety. 

Habit #5 – It’s all about the turns and sell through: While product cost is always a factor, the best seasonal buyers place even more importance on how fast the merchandise they are responsible for turns.  These buyers realize that the real key to success is to be laser focused on turns and sell through over cost.

Habit #6 – Avoiding working with a supplier who does not have manufacturing experience: When you purchase product from a company that is only an importer, and has no manufacturing experience, you are likely paying more than you should because that importer does not have the inside knowledge of how a manufacturer works and therefore cannot negotiate the best pricing. With more than 60 years of manufacturing experience, FLOMO is able to negotiate better pricing and then pass the savings on to you.

FLOMO is one of the best known manufacturers and suppliers of holiday shop items, gift bags, gift wrapping accessories, party supplies, holiday/seasonal products, photo frames, ceramic gifts, plush items, bows, ribbons, and school supplies. To learn more about our expansive product line or to obtain a catalog, contact FLOMO’s VP of Sales, Tammy Lee, at 201-288-6455, or visit us online at flomousa.com.