About Us

Company History

In 1956, the Shen family began specializing in manufacturing machinery for industrial fields in Taiwan. By 1971, the family started focusing on machinery and manufacturing for consumer stationery products such as school supplies and pencil cases. Their brand name, FLOMO®, came about from the "Flow Molding" machinery the company developed for use in their manufacturing process. Today, FLOMO® Taiwan and China produces FLOMO® brand stationery items and licensed products for Crayola, Disney, Staedtler, and other worldwide brands.

Flomo Company History

In Chinese, “FLOMO” Means “Enrich Happy Dreams”
 富       樂      夢
 F       LO      MO
(fü)     (lə)    (mō)

FLOMO® stands true to this message with an ongoing commitment to help organizations and groups worldwide.

In 1986, Shenny Enterprises was established in the United States to distribute FLOMO stationery items to retailers. The company quickly expanded the product line to include party and gala products to cover more of the retail industry. After the product line expansion in 2005, Shenny formed the new enterprise, Nygala Corp.

Origin of Nygala Corp.

The “Nygala” name was derived from the three showroom locations owned by the company in 1992.
NY (New York)                      
LA (Los Angeles)

By 1996, a tremendous change in the retail marketplace occured with a rising number of ‘dollar stores’ quickly emerging. Nygala Corp. was strategically repositioned to serve the needs of this new customer base. What set Nygala Corp. apart from other suppliers in the industry was the high quality of the items and low price points. The items attracted a steady stream of customers into stores and sparked sales.

In 2005, Shenny Enterprises completely merged into the significantly growing Nygala Corp. This ensures a continuing tradition of innovative design, a constant production of new products, quality guarantee, and aggressive pricing.

Today, Nygala Corp. has expanded its product lines to include fundraising brochure items, in-school shopping program products, and higher price point merchandise for chain store retailers throughout the United States and South America. For 2020, we began to offer new business services to meet with a changing market, including Third Party Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Global Sourcing. With these key services, FLOMO can truly be your one stop shop for product development, warehousing, storage, transport and trucking, ecommerce fulfillment, pick and pack, and more.