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Become a Retailer

FLOMO Products Sell Themselves

Our customized programs help you sell even more FLOMO®. The secret to our growth and success is a highly focused approach to understanding consumer trends, meeting customer demands, and supporting retailers – big box and mom & pop.

Become a Retailer

One-on-one consulting, quality control testing, unmatched selection, thousands of products, and aggressive pricing all make our retailer programs a proven formula for success. Odds are you won’t easily find another supplier who will:

  • Provide effective, customized outdoor and indoor store signage to help bring in consumers & create a comfortable and exciting shopping experience.Become a Retailer
  • Develop a store planogram aisle by aisle, to give you the maximum number of great-selling products per square foot.
  • Customize packing, quantities, and designs to match your store needs and type of consumers.
  • Add your store logo or branding to our packaging to create a private-label item that looks like your own.
  • Help you choose the products that are right for your store’s demographics, location, and consumer styles.
  • Create new items! If there is an item we don’t have yet, but you’re in need of it– we have the product sourcing capabilities and financial resources to make it happen.
  • Offer you a variety of great-quality items with different price points, so you can choose what’s right for you.
  • Give you live customer service help Monday - Friday with sales representatives located throughout the United States who can come to you.

FLOMO Showroom

We know these retail programs work, because customers have repeatedly come back to us sharing their success! For example, after one chain store with over 500 locations throughout North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania implemented a new gift bag, bow, and wrapping paper planogram we created for them - sales increased by 170% in those particular categories alone!

FLOMO Sample Planogram